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Riz Francisca A. CastaƱaga

44 yrs old | Matina Aplaya, Davao City

Vital C is a Blessing not only for me but for my family. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage II-B last May 2008. I had undergone 4 cycles of Chemotherapy from July to September 2008 and 32 sessions of Radiation from October to December 2008. By end of December 2008, I was cleared! I asked my doctor what my status is, after undergoing those procedures. He told me that it is wrong to say that I am totally cured. But the challenge is for me to stay cleared. He recommended me to take some supplements but he never mentioned any specific supplements. My friend?s doctor recommended her to take Vital C, in which I also tried taking it. I am taking 2 capsules 3x a day. Thank God from that time on, I was cleared from any traces of Cancer.

Luz Seno - Redaja

Banawa, Cebu City

I have Bursitis on my knee, I could hardly walk. I?ve been trying many medications; even go abroad like Holy Land, just to have myself healed. I?ve been attending charismatic gatherings because I was so hopeless. Finally I had my knee operated but the pain is still there. My friend recommended me to take VITAL C. I would rather try it because I felt so desperate to ease the pain. She told me to take at least 12 capsules / day for 2 months. I was so surprised that my knee can move freely, the swelling and the pain were gone. What a miracle! I?m still taking VITAL C up to the present. Thank You VITAL C

Apolinario Dela Cruz

74 yrs old | Consolacion, Cebu City

May sakit po akong Hernia. Isang taon na akong pabalik-balik sa ospital. Lagi na lang akong nakahiga, hirap akong makatayo at maglakad. Desperado na ako sa kalagayan ko dulot ng aking sakit. Hirap na hirap akong umihi. Yung sex organ ko ay naoperahan ng dalawang beses sa sobrang laki at ang dami kong gamut na iniinom. Lumalaki ang aking ?testicles.? Sabi ng anak ko, uminom at subukan ko raw ang Vital C. Pagkalipas ng 2 buwan sa pag inom ng 2 capsules sa umaga 2 capsules sa tanghali at 2 capsules sa gabi ng Vital C, maayos na ang pag ihi ko. Nabawasan ang pamamaga, yung sugat ay mabilis na naghilom at nakakalakad na ako! Salamat sa Diyos at may Vital C!

Lucena Marilyn Sanchez

Talisay, Cebu City

Na-diagnose po ako ng Diabetes Mellitus at komplikado na ang sakit ko. Yung liver ko ay may malaking bukol kaya lagi rin sumasakit ang tiyan ko. Gusto na akong i-admit sa hospital ng aking doktor, ayaw ko at natatakot ako dahil na rin sa laki ng aking gagastusin. Naimbitahan ako na pumunta sa office ng Vital C ni Mr. Alvin Yu. Pinasubok sakin na uminom ng Vital C. 2 capsules sa umaga at 2 capsules sa gabi. After 5 days, napansin ko na ang sakit ng tiyan ko ay nawala! Yung aking blood sugar ay bumaba ng 222 mg/dl from 567 mg/dl. Kung wala ito, malaki po ang gagastusin ko sa pagpapa-ospital. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Panginoon, kay Alvin Yu, at sa Vital C!

Flaura Banson Evangelista

76 yrs old | Danao City, Cebu

I have been diagnosed with several ailments. I have Ischemia, hypertension, and a very high level of cholesterol. I had too much fluid in my body that it went into my lungs and it developed into phlegm which is the cause of my pulmonary problem. I could not breathe normally and I am not able to take a walk with such distance. I started taking Vital C which was introduced to me by my sister. I take 2 capsules 3 times a day. In a week?s time, I felt the difference! It was really great. I believe if you have faith in God and in the product, you will recover from your ailments. I am taking Vital C religiously. Now, I can walk with far distance and it?s amazing that I could even take a walk up hill without panting. I had never done it in 2 years when I was under treatment. I am very happy, at the age of 76, with Vital C I feel so much younger. In fact, I feel like 15 years being ?revitalized!? Thank you so much Vital C!

Policarpio E. Fontanilla

49 yrs old | Bansalan, Davao del Sur

My problem is about my arthritis that I have been suffering for 12 years. I am taking pain relievers and even injecting Diclofenac when my feet and knees are swelling and inflamed. July 2009, Vital C was introduced to me by Evan thru Mr. Marc Bo-o. I take 4 capsules per day then I increased my dosage to 15 capsules distributed along the day. I have noticed that the effect was very good. I had also lost weight about 11 kgs. in 3 months. My waist line before was 36, but now it is down to 30. It is important for me to lose weight because my knees and joints are suffering due to arthritis if my body is heavy or not in the normal weight. Now, I feel better and I can say that I don?t suffer from arthritis anymore. I can even jog and have a walking session in the morning. Thank you Vital C!

Jerry A. Pichon

47 yrs old | Matina, Davao City

I am suffering from stress. Assigned in Davao City Police Office, Investigation Unit in Detective Management Section. I work for 24 hours. We were also directed to receive all the reports from all stations in Davao City. It is a tough job to handle all the reports. I have been taking a lot of vitamins and supplements. Aside from that, I am also suffering from premature ejaculation. I really am having a big problem that I couldn?t even perform my role as a husband. July 2009, my wife introduced me the product Vital C. I gave it a try and have been taking this product. I was surprised by its effect! I had more stamina and strength. I could now adjust and cope with my work even for 24 hours. I can say that my problem with premature ejaculation was minimized and even have a progress of good effect to me. I am very much happy! I was able to face these challenges with the help of Vital C! Thank you Vital C!

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