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Vital C IT Advisory:

For any queries, clarifications and problem regarding the new IT System please call Edwin Sison of the IT Department at 631-1899 or 0917-5439586. You can also send your concerns via email to


Manuel T. Torrejon Jr.


Vital C Health Products Inc.

Good day to all of you!
Our goal has always been to empower consumers to make wiser health care decisions and live a healthier lifestyle. Everything we do at Vital C revolves around a single goal of helping people of all ages and abilities to receive quality products and services.
We are glad that you are all here to share the enthusiasm and positivity we feel for the future. Continuity is also synonymous to relevant change and new things. At Vital C, that is a reality of life. Change, Continuity, Newness of things…
In all fields of endeavor, we need to evaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. And this year, we are very pleased to announce that we are going to put up Mini Depots all over the country to further improve our operations. We expect this to make a lot of positive noise in the industry, we lined up many events to beef up our sales force. We shall keep you on your toes with excitement with the launching of Mini Depots in the coming months. 
Finally, We know that the fervor to pursue the Vital C vision has not diminished, but ignited. We shall endeavour to do everything to keep that flame of entrepreneurship and service burning bright.
Thank you very much.