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Dr. Amelia S. Arcilla


Patient 1. One week history of swelling and pain of both ankles and feet. Vital C was prescribed, 1 capsule 4 times daily in 2 days time. Swelling and pain subsided. Patient 2. Male, 47 years old suffering from depression, anxiety, insomia and high blood pressure. Prescribed with Vital C capsule 4 times daily, after 1 week blood pressure went down and became stable to 130/80 (initial BP before Vital C is 160/100), sleep improved, anxiety lessened significantly. Patient 3. 7-yr old male with skin disease or skin asthma. Skin appeared, coarse with white spots, after taking Vital C for 1 month 2 times daily, skin lesions disappeared.

Romel Zulueta

Lopez, Quezon

Ako po ay nagkasakit sa baga, at may bumukol sa aking kili-kili. Yun ay lumaki ng lumaki! Nung pina-check up ko sa doktor, ang sabi nga ay Cancer. Ako ay hindi na makakain. Kung maka-kain man ako, sinusuka ko lang ito. Kahit na gamot ang iniinom ko, sinusuka ko pa rin! Nung ako ay uminom ng Vital C, may lumalabas na may madumi sa may sugat sa bukol ng aking kili-kili. Patuloy pa rin ang pag inom ko ng Vital C! Habang tumatagal, paliit ng paliit ang bukol. Ngayon ay wala na yung bukol. Ang masasabi ko, ito ay magaling! Sa Vital C lang po ako nabigyan ng pag-asa!

Diosdada B. Esconde

Licanan, Lasang, Davao City

Ang laki ng aking pasasalamat sa Vital C! Meron akong Breast Cancer (R) III-B at Bronchitis. 9 years na akong naghihirap sa ganitong sakit. Ang pinakamasakit, lumaki po ito, namaga at pumutok. Ang daming dugo at nana (pus) na lumabas. Ang sakit po talaga at hirap na hirap ako sa pag papagamot dahil sa kakulangan ng pera. Ang butas na sugat ng aking breast nung umpisa ay kasing sukat ng 25 sentimong barya (coin) hanggang sa ito ay lumaki. Nung pinasubok sa akin ang Vital C ni Ms. Mary Jane Anillo, agad ko itong ininom! Sinimulan ko ang pag inom ng Vital C ng 15 capsules 3x a day noong June, 2009 hanggang ngayon. Lalong lumabas ang dugo at dumi sa sugat. Hindi ako natakot at tinuloy-tuloy ko ang pag inom! Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan, lumiliit na ang sugat, at ito?y natutuyo. Ang pamamaga ay nawala, ang sugat ay tuluyan nang naghilom! Hinding-hindi ko po makakalimutan ang tulong na naibigay sa akin ng Vital C!

Rudito Mendoza

Dollar St., Antipolo City

Year 2002, I had undergone Heart By-Pass operation due to a Complete Heart Block from my Doctor?s findings. I was brought to the Phil. Heart Center and was confined for 7 days. In the operation, I was given a pacemaker. The pacemaker is helping me to have a heartbeat of 60 beats / minute. In the year 2006, my body weakened and I was confined in Medical City. The Doctor?s finding thru 2D-Echo procedure is that I had another Heart Block. I was advised to prepare a big amount of money for Angioplasty procedure. I was financially hard up and I can?t produce that certain amount so I just ignored it. Then, my kidney followed in the year 2007. I was confined at East Ave. Medical Center. I had an infection from urine and it was so frustrating! I met Bro. Mel Ramos and he suggested me to try Vital C. He told me that Vital C already helped a lot of people make their health better. I take 2 capsules / day until now. In a year of taking Vital C, I went back to my attending Physician and had myself checked thru 2D-Echo procedure. ?Nawala na po ang bara sa aking puso! Ang laki ng pasasalamat ko sa Vital C!? With regard to my kidney problem, I had decided to continue taking Vital C because I believe that if it helped me with my Heart Block problem, I?m sure it will also help me with the infection in my urine or kidney problem. After that, I felt everything was normal! I felt better and I felt everything was cleared! Right now, I was able to go back to work as an Auto Mechanic. I can do tasks that are quite heavy in which I never had done before! A big thanks to God and for the people behind and made Vital C!

Rey Fernandez

Valenzuela City

I am Rey Fernandez from Valenzuela, Bulacan 58 years old. My eczema dried up after taking Vital C for 2 weeks, 3 capsules, 3 times daily. I felt stronger, I don't easily get tired washing cars, body aches and pains are gone. My blood sugar level went down to 171 from 259. My blurry eyesight got clearer. Only 1 box was all I need. I will continue to take Vital C

Armando H. De Jesus

Talisay City

I had an Acute Myocardial Infarction, commonly known as a Heart Attack, occurs when the blood supply to part of the heart is interrupted. My attending Physicians informed me that there might be a Second Attack which is fatal! I was so scared that time. I started eating the right amount of food, a proper diet and taking 6 capsules of VITAL C everyday! You know what? Sa awa ng Diyos, yung Cholesterol sa Artery na papunta sa Heart ko, Clear! I felt better, had no worries, and had peace of mind! Pwede na akong mag trabaho ulit as a seaman. Daghang Salamat sa VITAL C!

Susanita M. Ruiz

49 yrs. old | Mansiungan, Bacolod City.

I am an elementary teacher who has had Bilateral Thyroid cysts since year 2005. It is really hard for me especially in my profession to have this kind of health problem. My students often ask me what happened to my throat because it is swollen. It affects my confidence and my desire to be an effective and a good teacher. A friend of my husband told me that Vital C is good. I gave it a try for 6 months, taking 2 capsules per day and I have observed that the enlargement of the exterior portion of my neck disappeared. Vital C didn?t just help me with my sickness but also gave me back my confidence in practicing my profession. Thank you Vital C!

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