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Vital C IT Advisory:

For any queries, clarifications and problem regarding the new IT System please call Edwin Sison of the IT Department at 631-1899 or 0917-5439586. You can also send your concerns via email to


Owners of the company have combined years of proven records of accomplishments;
as successful businessmen in the field of:

  • 39 years in Real Estate Development,
  • 15 years in infrastructure,
  • 38 years in Cargo Forwarding,
  • 20 years in Hotel and
  • 19 years in the Food Chain Industry.

Being the only Filipino-owned Company, Vital C possesses a highly-competitive Management team with combined

  • 67 years of skill in excellent Systems and Administrative expertise as well as combined
  • 30 years of experience in Network and Sales Marketing.

The Vital C Medical Board as well has vast experience in the practice of mainstream medicine, research & laboratory testing for 41 years.

Vital C is the only Filipino-owned company that owns its corporate office and operates three company-owned Depots serving the main lands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.