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Vital C IT Advisory:

For any queries, clarifications and problem regarding the new IT System please call Edwin Sison of the IT Department at 631-1899 or 0917-5439586. You can also send your concerns via email to


Vital C has produced more than 70,000 distributors since it launched in 2008. The International Group Points System Marketing Program (IGPSM) is numbering to a total number of consumers with more than 100,000 users.

Vital C has already produced 8 Exclusive Product Centers and 150 International Mobile Franchisees (IMF) nationwide with sales with more than Php100M in a span of one year alone.

Vital C had already sent 200 Distributors in an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong (2008), Bangkok (2009) and Macau (2011).

Vital C has a total of thirty-four (34) Millionaires’ Club members by the first half of 2012. The previous year also produced a total of eight (8) members of the prestigious, Vital C President’s Club and as of this date, four (4) members are awarded as the Grand Master’s of Vital C.

Truly, Vital C is Beyond Excellence.